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Farts can really stink…but what if they didn’t? One day, Lilly discovers that her farts have not only become stink-free—they smell downright great!  But too much focus on her gas begins to bug the little lass. She comes up with a clever plan to take control and make a stand!

Image by Jon Tyson

With all the examples in the media of adults “behaving badly”, how do we help our kids to understand the importance of positive values? Don the Bully has arrived at Jacob’s school and everything is changing. Instead of listening, everyone is shouting insults; instead of working together, everyone is taking sides....

surprised baby

Little brothers are loads of fun...until they poop in the bathtub!  Poop Soup tells the story of the fateful day when two-year old Jacob lets loose during bath time and the chaos that ensues.  Jacob thinks it’s all a game, but things will never be the same!

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Fun Dad

Dads are the best--but why do they have such gnarly toes and hair sprouting from their ears? Could it be that they’re related to Bigfoot? What about your dad: does he sneeze around the sun? Well, maybe he’s an alien!

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Jacob, the mayhem meister, is now four.  The Booger Man tells us of the day that Jacob got sick and developed a serious booger problem. What will happen when the Master of Mucus meets the Queen of Hypochondriacs? Jacob’s problem is his nose, it’s spraying out just like a hose!

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Afro American Kid

Kissing: Mushing the place where you eat against someone else? Yuck!  Jacob and his brother agree that kissing is just plain gross. Until Jacob finds his brother practicing his kissing style in secret!  What the heck can he do now? He wants to help his bro...but how???

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Little Girl at the Grocery Shop

 “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!” “Don’t cry over spilled milk!” “Someday your face will freeze like that!” Nagging can be a pain. But what if all the advice your Mom gave you started to come true? What if your face DID freeze like that? And you started blubbing over spilled milk? What the heck would YOU do?

Interested in seeing more of my work? Please get in touch and I’ll be glad to share some more pieces with you.

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