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Image by Jon Tyson


15 Jan 2020

With all the examples in the media of adults “behaving badly”, how do we help our kids to understand the importance of positive values? Don the Bully has arrived at Jacob’s school and everything is changing. Instead of listening, everyone is shouting insults; instead of working together, everyone is taking sides....

Don the Bully: Work
Image by Ben Wicks


Don the Bully: Text


  • Before Don arrived, what happened when someone did something wrong or if they were rude?

  • Do you think it’s okay to hurt someone and then tell them to be “more tough” when they get upset? Why? 

  • Some kids try to report Don’s bad behaviour to the teachers and Don just says, “they’re worse than us”. Do you think that it’s okay to do something bad if someone else is doing something worse?

  • Does everyone shouting at each other and no one listening remind you of anything going on in the world?

  • Why did Don build a wall in the story?  What does Don’s wall represent?

Don the Bully: Text
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